After 2 months of hard work and tons of procrastination Answers.MD is finally making its debut.  It’s an amazing feeling to finally put something in front of users. 

I feel kinda like a chef who’s spent hours slaving over a hot stove to make a delicious dinner for a group of close friends.  Finally serving the food, waiting to see if their faces melt in ecstasy or cringe in disgust, spitting the food back out on the plate; it’s pretty nerve wracking.

For better or worse, I don’t have to look the user in the eye. I just get to see how many page views I get on Google Analytics.

Answers.MD is a question and answer service made specifically for Medical Students. For a group of people that spend 4 straight years studying for one exam after another, just to go through the admissions process all over again for Residency School, there just aren’t enough tools tailored to their unique needs.

Answers.MD is a first attempt to make their lives just a little easier. 

What does launch mean? Well, I’ve created a twitter account @AnswersMD, and I’ve put it in front of the hard working med students at Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia. 

Here’s to launching a product, no matter how epically it may fail.

Answers.MD is officially launched!