As we are eagerly awaiting tech for augmented reality, the tools already exist to merge another of our senses discreetly and completely.  Headphones.


Yes, headphones, well more specifically hearing aids.

Right now there is a big gap in technology between hearing aids and the shit you buy from best buy. Beats by Dre anyone? Existing hearing aids have directional microphones, can distinguish between talking and background noise, and connect pretty seamlessly with other devices.

But hearing aids are for the hearing impaired, aren’t they?

That’s just bad marketing. Imagine if you could wirelessly connect to your iPhone, your computer, or your tv, and not bother the people around you. Imagine listening to music, and not have to pull out your headphones to hear when someone is talking to you. All this is alredy built into so called hearing aids.

With all this fancy tech, why are we all suffering from having to listen to other peoples music on the bus?


If hearing devices can distinguish between people talking and background noise, couldn’t the mute people blasting music on the bus?

The one thing the Beats phenomenon has shown, is that consumers are willing to spend big on headphones. $300 is a lot less than the $1200-$6800 price tag of hearing aids in the US, but this price is artificially high since insurers are the ones paying for them. In other countries hearing aids are much more affordable.

There is a huge potential market waiting for the next generation of headphones, and they are willing to spend. All it will take is an entrepreneurial hearing company willing to take a chance.

Here’s a list of hearing aid makers:

It’s time to level up headphone tech